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Obtaining transparency into medication utilization is essential for preventing waste, maintaining appropriate inventory, and ensuring the supply of critical drugs. However, this often requires a manual effort of mining electronic health records, which can take months. Even then, the data is often limited to what is ordered and manually documented, not what is actually administered.

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Bainbridge Heath fully automates this analysis across your formulary and provides targeted interventions to save money, manage inventory, limit excess dispensing of controlled substances, and drive standardization. Our pharmacy team weighs improvement opportunities against clinician workflow and procurement considerations, as well as USP <797> standards to provide turn-key interventions.

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The following use cases highlight how Bainbridge Health has driven value for adult and pediatric hospitals across our network.

Save Money by Reducing Waste

It can be a labor-intensive process to merge medication preparation, dispensing and administration data in order to determine optimal formulations. In addition, considerations like clinical workflows, USP <797>, and commercial availability (or lack thereof) all need to be evaluated in order to determine the most efficient and effective formulations of medications.

Conserve Supply & Reduce Over-Dispensing of Controlled Substances

Controlled substance diversion is among the top concerns of Pharmacy leaders. A critical element in reducing the risk of diversion and meeting compliance requirements is avoiding over-dispensing of controlled substances. However, identifying optimal preparations to reduce unnecessary dispensing while still meeting clinical requirements can be a time-consuming and challenging process.

Driving Standardization following M&A consolidation

Health system consolidations and M&A can pose significant challenges to pharmacy operations teams, as workflows across numerous sites of care have to be standardized. Efficiently identifying opportunities for standardization in the pharmacy supply chain is essential to realizing the value of consolidations and accelerating payback periods.

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