Bainbridge Health Convenes Its Clinical Advisory Board to Examine Infusion Pump Safety Practices and Continue National Benchmarking Work​

November 29, 2017

Industry Safety Leaders join Clinical Advisory Board to advance medication safety practices and national benchmarking.


Bainbridge Health, provider of InfusionWare® Safety Platform, convened its clinical advisory board to analyze potentially hazardous medication utilization and alert fatigue, and to develop strategies to promote safer medication practices. InfusionWare is currently in use at adult and pediatric hospitals across the United States.

In association with its memorandum of understanding with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), Bainbridge Health will share findings from its Clinical Advisory Board meetings with ISMP to enhance knowledge of real-world safety practices and help further efforts to minimize patient exposure to medication errors.

“Improving medication safety cannot be done in a silo”, said Joseph Kaupp, CEO of Bainbridge Health. “It requires discussion and consensus from safety leaders to better identify the underlying causes of unsafe practice trends, understand how technology can better support clinical work environments—not visa versa—and move toward utilizing greater standardization to reduce medication errors.

Bainbridge Health launched its InfusionWare® Safety Platform to provide its network of hospitals better visibility on medication practice trends and curated infusion pump library updates supported by network-wide benchmarking. “Our goal is to increase awareness of unsafe practice trends, critically evaluate the causal factors that lead to medication errors and ultimately provide clinically-vetted recommendations and interventions to clinicians to reduce the likelihood of patient harm,” said Sean O’Neill, Chief Clinical Officer of Bainbridge Health.

Medication errors are a significant driver of patient harm. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that medication errors lead to at least one death every day and injure more than 1.3 million people annually in the United States alone. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently added medication errors to its “hit list” and estimates the cost of medication errors to be $42 billion globally.

About Bainbridge Health

Bainbridge Health is a healthcare technology company founded within the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that provides hospital systems with a Clinical Intelligence and Data Analytics software platform to enhance safety for patients and reduce avoidable costs for hospitals. Through its InfusionWare® safety software, Bainbridge Health streamlines the management of medication administration data and curates customized clinical intelligence for its network of hospitals. To learn more about us please visit